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Purebred Trakehner Mare

Sire: E.H. Abendtanz (E.H. Hirtentanz a.d. St.Pr.u. E.St. Amazing v. Kostolany)
Dam: So Lucy xx (Torrential xx a.d. So Snob xx v. Kenmare xx)
Sire of Dam: Torrential xx (Gulch xx a.d. Killaloe xx v. Dr. Fager xx)
Sire of Sire: E.H. Hirtentanz (E.H. Axis a.d. St.Pr. Pr.E.St. Herzlani v. Kostolany)


So Tanzenherz is a Purebred Trakehner Mare. At the 2020 Trakehner Australia Grading Tour she received a premium score for her confirmation and movement and an outstanding score of 85% for her jump. Daisy is registered with the name 'So Tanzenherz' through the Trakehner Verband but is registered as 'Tanzenherz' with EA.

Her conformation is a wonderful example of the modern athletic horse being naturally built uphill, with a strong shoulder and hind quarter, a lovely set neck, and straight and strong legs. Her paces display a high degree of elasticity and uphill tendency, with a sharp and active hind quarter action. Daisy's jump is so powerful and bravery, with plenty of scope and a natural bascule. 

Daisy has had a slow start to her competition career with cancelation of events to COVID and rider health complication, but she has started an incredibly strong, mature and competitive in the Show Jumping Ring, being very quick against the clock. What makes Daisy even more unique and special is that she is competing in Show Jumping with Mietta Innes-Irons, Glen Tanner's owner, breeder, trainer and competitor, who is a Para Equestrian with two traumatic spinal cord injuries causing partial paralysis consisting of significant loss of function, strength coordination and feeling in both legs. Despite this, Daisy is still climbing through the height classes and is incredibly loyal, trusting and eager to get her job done. Daisy is very soft and forward thinking in the way which she goes around, she rarely touches a rail and will pick up even more at the next jump if she does touch one and never gives you the feeling as though she is going to stop, making her so much fun to ride and be competitive on. Daisy has now successfully competed up to 120cm with ease and has never come home from a show without a ribbon. She has also free jumped over 150cm, clearing the wings with ease which stand at 180cm. Not only has she got an incredible jump, she also has outstanding movement. Daisy received 76% in her first ever test and at DJWTS 2022 Young Event Horse Competition she received 75.5%, with an 8.5 for her trot work.

In late February 2023, Daisy was given to professional rider, Sophia Hill, to compete. Sophia took Daisy to her first ever Eventing start after having the ride for only 12 days to take the win, finishing on their dressage score in the EvA95 at Tonimbuk International Horse Trials. Daisy has taken a huge step up in competition since being with Sophia and has taken it within her stride, answering every question asked of her. In a couple of weeks she went from Show Jumping 90cm - 95cm to confidently and boldly jumping 115cm - 120cm tracks without hesitation and placing. She has always placed top 6 after dressage and Show Jumped clear, leading into the Cross Country at every Eventing start she has where she has been incredibly bold and honest, having only a single run out at her first CCN1* start, and only 4th ever eventing start, due to a green moment having boldly, over jumped the B element and not locking on the skinny C element in time, jumping the C element with ease when reapproached. Daisy then had her second start at CCN1* where she easily produced a beautiful clear cross country round, in very wet, difficult and less than desirable conditions.  

Daisy's dam, So Lucy xx, is a French bred thoroughbred who was accepted into the Trakehner Verband with a Premium score.  So Lucy xx proved herself as a quality thoroughbred when she was accepted into the Trakehner Verband Studbook as a Premium Mare. So Lucy xx has three even, strong and floating paces, with her trot and canter scoring 8.0's. So Lucy xx also has lovely conformation and is a very nice type which compliments the Trakehner, showing a strong shoulder, well set neck, proportioned pasterns and a defined topline.Not only has she got the conformation and movement but So Lucy xx also has an outstanding temperament, which she has passed onto her foals.

Daisy's sire, E.H. Abendtanz, is an especially charming, harmonious premium stallion with exceptional double talent. E.H. Abendtanz features three superior basic gaits and sensational jumping abilities, with optimal technique and bascule. In 2010, his sire Hirtentanz was the first Trakehner in 40 years to be licensed by the Holstein association. Grand Prix-stallion Axis was successful at the European Championships in Rotterdam with his rider Terhi Stegars. His mother, Elite Mare  St.Pr. Pr.E.St. Herzlani, completed her mare test first class with the overall score of 8.74. She is a prominent representative of Schöning’s “Herzchen” family. St.Pr.u. E.St. Amazing, three times awarded mother (mare test 8.70) of E.H. Abendtanz, was a successful show jumper up to M/A level. St.Pr.u.Pr.St. Amazing as well as  St.Pr. Pr.E.St. Herzlani stem from Kostolany, crowned Stallion of the Year in 2009. As grandfather of cherished World Champion Totilas, Kostolany celebrates great achievements in breeding. Abendtanz is the sire to the 2019 6yo & 2020 7yo World Eventing Horse Champion, Sweetwaters Ziethen TSF.

Many people who know Daisy have said that she is a serious horse for the future and that she will compete at the highest level internationally, in whichever phase she pursues. Daisy is a loving, gentle and soft natured mare, with very light aids. She's a horse that you just need to sit there with her, with a soft hand and light leg pressure and she will just take you to the jump and go every time. Daisy needs a gentle and kind, yet competitive, rider to take her on and show her full potentials. 

Daisy has a wonderful temperament, being incredibly easy to do anything with. At times, she can be slightly alouf, but is very sensible, she never overreacts and would never misbehave. Daisy is not a "marey" mare at all, she very respectful of people and always tries to do the right thing and tries to please. Her farrier, vets and dentist love her as she is very patient when getting anything done, she just stands there quietly. Daisy also stands very quietly to tack up, rug, plait and hose off. Daisy is very easy to travel in either a float or truck and she self loads onto the float.

Daisy has also produced two outstanding, embryo transfer, foals for us, going into foal on her first try through frozen AI. 

Trakehner Verband grading scores: 

  • Type = 8.0

  • Body = 8.0

  • Foundation = 7.0

  • Conformation = 8.0

  • Walk = 8.0

  • Trot = 8.5

  • Canter = 8.5

  • Overall Impression = 8.5

  • Overall score = 81.0%

  • Freispringen Manier = 8.5

  • Freispringen Vermögen = 8.5

  • Jump overall = 85.0%

  • Rideability = N/A 



  • Melbourne International 3 Day Event 2023 6yo Young Event Horse Class - 3rd.

  • Mansfield PC Horse Trials Open Grade 2 - 1st.

  • Dressage & Jumping with the Stars 6yo & 7yo Young Event Horse - 7th.

  • Dressage & Jumping with the Stars Bronze Series Finalist (120cm).

  • Tonimbuk International Horse Trials EvA95 - 1st.

  • BDSJC Fundraiser Show 115cm - 2nd. 

  • NVSJC February Show 105cm - 4th.


  • NVSJC September Show 105cm - 7th.

  • Tatura Indoor Showjumping Championships 100cm - 6th.

  • Tatura Indoor Showjumping Championships 90cm - 1st.

  • Dressage and Jumping with the Stars 4yo & 5yo Young Event Horse - 5th.

  • Shepparton World Cup Show 95cm - 3rd.

  • NVSJC February Show 95cm - 4th. 

  • NVSJC February Show 85cm - 5th. 


  • NVSJC December Show 85cm - 1st.

  • Benalla Level 3 CT - 1st. 


  • Süssenherz (Bonaparte N AA a.d. So Tanzenherz v. E.H. Abendtanz) October 2021.

  • Stiegenherz - (Bonaparte N AA a.d. So Tanzenherz v. E.H. Abendtanz) October 2021 - FOR SALE.

So Tanzenherz

So Tanzenherz

So Tanzenherz
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So Tanzenherz (E.H. Abendtanz a.d. So Lucy xx v. Torrential xx) - Mansfield HT Dressage 73%

So Tanzenherz (E.H. Abendtanz a.d. So Lucy xx v. Torrential xx) - Mansfield HT Dressage 73%

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So Tanzenherz (E.H. Abendtanz a.d. So Lucy xx v. Torrential xx) - CCN1* Show Jumping.

So Tanzenherz (E.H. Abendtanz a.d. So Lucy xx v. Torrential xx) - CCN1* Show Jumping.

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So Tanzenherz (E.H. Abendtanz a.d. So Lucy xx v. Torrential xx) - DJWTS 2023 6&7yo YEH Dressage

So Tanzenherz (E.H. Abendtanz a.d. So Lucy xx v. Torrential xx) - DJWTS 2023 6&7yo YEH Dressage

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So Tanzenherz (E.H. Abendtanz a.d. So Lucy xx v. Torrential xx) - BDSJC Show Jumping 115cm 2nd.

So Tanzenherz (E.H. Abendtanz a.d. So Lucy xx v. Torrential xx) - BDSJC Show Jumping 115cm 2nd.

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E.H. Hirtentanz a.d. St.Pr.u.Pr.St. Amazing v. Kostolany



Torrential xx a.d. So Snob xx v. Kenmare xx



Sire of Sire
E.H. Axis a.d. St.Pr. Pr.E.St. Herzlani v. Kostolany

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Sire of Dam 
Gulch xx a.d. Killaloe xx v. Dr. Fager xx