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Glen Tanner is a small Trakehner Stud based in Northern Victoria, Australia, owned by Jill Innes-Irons and her daughter Mietta Innes-Irons. 
We have chosen to breed Trakehners as we adore the lighter style, their athleticism and delicate features. Breeding with Verband approved Thoroughbred mares and Trakehner mares to achieve the perfect dressage, showjumping and eventing horse, being the ultimate athlete. 
We have found the Trakehners incredibly intelligent and trainable, with the most wonderful temperament. Trakehners are an absolute delight to work with and be around.



At Glen Tanner we are aiming to produce the ultimate athlete capable of being competitive at any discipline. Despite being a small stud, we have been able to produce the ideal sport horse having great success in National & International Breeding, Dressage, Show Jumping, Eventing and Showing. Due to a severe personal injury within the family, we have our horses now being competed, ridden and broken in by Para Equestrian, Mietta Innes-Irons, which has truly shown us the incredible temperament and willingness of these beautiful kind and caring creatures which we have produced. With sights set on the Australian Para Equestrian High Performance Squad and representing Australia in Para Dressage, it shows how talented and versatile the Trakehner is.

We have found the Trakehner breed to be incredibly versatile, talented, bold, brave, carefully, sensible and highly trainable which makes them more than capable of fulfilling our equine dreams.
With young upcoming horses we are excited to watch the progress of them and what the future has in store for our breeding at Glen Tanner Trakehners and the Trakehner breed in Australia.



We are the only breeders in Australia that are breeding entirely purebred Trakehners which are recognised, approved and registered by the Trakehner Verband in Germany.
By having a small breeding program it means that we can spend quality time with our horses, handling them and giving them the necessary attention. The time we spend with our youngsters allows them to become incredibly trusting and willing to please. All of our horses have an outstanding temperament and positive attitude to their work, taking on any question asked. This has allowed our horses to excel in all disciplines with a maturity level exceeding their ages. We challenge our horses to get the best out of them, without pushing them outside of the capabilities as we aim to produce horses for the future.
If you'd like to breed with one of our premium mares we are happy to discuss about breeding the perfect sport horse for you.

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