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Mature 16.2hh
Purebred Trakehner Gelding

Sire: E.H. Abendtanz (E.H. Hirtentanz a.d. St.Pr.u.Pr.St. Amazing v. Kostolany)
Dam: Hell of a Quest xx (Quest for Fame xx a.d. Halucinating xx v. Mind Games xx)
Sire of Dam: Quest for Fame xx (Rainbow Quest xx a.d. Aryenne xx v. Green Dancer xx)
Sire of Sire: E.H. Hirtentanz (E.H. Axis a.d. St.Pr. Pr.E.St. Herzlani v. Kostoloany)


Höllenherz is a Purebred Trakehner gelding. He received an outstanding score of 80% at the 2020 Trakehners Australia Grading Tour, awarding him with a premium score. Höllenherz is a true example of a modern Trakehner, scoring an 8.5 at his Trakehner Verband grading. Not only has he got the type and conformation but he has the movement as well, scoring an 8.0 for his walk, trot and canter.

Höllenherz is highly intelligent, trusting, he has a delightful temperament and always wants to please. We are excited to watch this young gelding blossom and cannot wait to see him start his ridden and competition career as we know he is going to be very impressive, eye catching and competitive. Höllenherz has the conformation, movement, temperament, mindset and breeding to make him a highly successful competition horse. 

Höllenherz is the half brother to the 2019 6yo & 2020 7yo World Eventing Horse Champion, Ziethen (E.H. Abendtanz a.d. Zaria AA v. Campetot xx), as well as Glen Tanner's star jumping mare, So Tanzenherz (E.H. Abendtanz a.d. So Lucy xx v. Torrential xx). 

Höllenherz' dam, Hell of a Quest xx is a Thoroughbred mare, Trakehner Verband approved, accepted into the verband with a Premium score.Hell of a Quest xx proved herself as a quality thoroughbred when she was accepted into the Trakehner Verband Studbook as a Premium Mare. Hell of a Quest xx has three even, strong and floating paces, with her trot and walk scoring 8.0's. Hell of a Quest xx also has lovely conformation and is a very nice type, scoring an 8.0, which compliments the Trakehner, showing a strong shoulder, well set neck, proportioned pasterns and a defined topline.

Höllenherz' dam, Hell of a Quest xx, is sired by the highly sought after Quest for Fame xx, who is renown for producing fabulous jumpers. Quaprice xx, who is competing at CCI4*-L eventing, Superclass xx, who is competing at CCI4*-L eventing & Doubled Vision xx, who competed up to CCI3*-S are all outstanding examples of the Quest for Fame xx offspring, all being sired by Quest for Fame xx and half siblings to Hell of a Quest xx.

Höllenherz' sire, E.H. Abendtanz, is an especially charming, harmonious premium stallion with exceptional double talent. E.H. Abendtanz features three superior basic gaits and sensational jumping abilities, with optimal technique and bascule. In 2010, his sire Hirtentanz was the first Trakehner in 40 years to be licensed by the Holstein association. Grand Prix-stallion Axis was successful at the European Championships in Rotterdam with his rider Terhi Stegars. His mother, Elite Mare  St.Pr. Pr.E.St. Herzlani, completed her mare test first class with the overall score of 8.74. She is a prominent representative of Schöning’s “Herzchen” family. St.Pr.u. E.St. Amazing, three times awarded mother (mare test 8.70) of E.H. Abendtanz, was a successful show jumper up to M/A level. St.Pr.u.Pr.St. Amazing as well as  St.Pr. Pr.E.St. Herzlani stem from Kostolany, crowned Stallion of the Year in 2009. As grandfather of cherished World Champion Totilas, Kostolany celebrates great achievements in breeding. Abendtanz is the sire to the 2019 6yo & 2020 7yo World Eventing Horse Champion, Ziethen

Trakehner Verband grading scores: 

  • Type = 8.5

  • Body = 8.0

  • Foundation = 7.5

  • Conformation = 8.0

  • Walk = 8.0

  • Trot = 8.0

  • Canter = 8.0

  • Overall Impression = 8.0

  • Overall score = 80.0%


  • Freispringen Manier = N/A

  • Freispringen Vermögen = N/A

  • Jump overall = N/A

  • Rideability = N/A

Höllenherz - 2 months old (E.H. Abendtanz a.d. Hell of a Quest xx v. Quest for Fame xx)

Glen Tanner Trakehners
Höllenherz - 2 months old (E.H. Abendtanz a.d. Hell of a Quest xx v. Quest for Fame xx)
Höllenherz - 2 months old (E.H. Abendtanz a.d. Hell of a Quest xx v. Quest for Fame xx)

Höllenherz - 2 months old (E.H. Abendtanz a.d. Hell of a Quest xx v. Quest for Fame xx)

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Abendtanz 2017

Abendtanz 2017

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E.H. Hirentanz a.d. St.Pr.u.Pr.St Amazing v. Kostolany

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Quest for Fame xx a.d. Halucinating v. Mind Games xx



Sire of Sire
E.H. Axis St.Pr. Pr.E.St. Herzlani v. Kostolany



Sire of Dam
Rainbow Quest xx a.d. Aryenne xx v. Green Dancer xx